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  1. Popadoodledoo-016CMYKTo be perfectly honest who doesn't love a cake pop? From those stressful days to those fun festive parties, cakes have always been there for us! As with everything cake pops are good for you in moderation, so here is 10 reasons why you should say Yes to a cake pops!

    1. Cake pops are made with eggs, flour & milk, so it's basically breakfast food.
    2. Desserts with Carbs & Chocolate - like cake pops - can put you in a better mood, according to science (Do you need any other reason?)
    3. Sweet treats, including cake pops may actually reduce stress levels.
    4. When you treat yourself more often, you'll feel more energised and content. So go on, treat yourself, you know you want to!
    5. Life isn't always a "piece of cake" - but you can simplify it by eating more cake!
    6. Cake can turn even the most mundane experience into a celebration! So why not celebrate going to work with cake pops?
    7. Eating a little snack before bed can help you sleep - and cake pops are sure to give you sweet dreams.
    8. Cake pops are better for you than burgers!
    9. It is better to eat cake pops and do a little exercise than never to eat cake pops at all
    10. It's always someone's birthday somewhere - be nice and help them celebrate even if you don't know who or where they are!