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  1. How did Popadoodledoo begin? Well it started when I was planning my wedding & I thought they would make great favours for our wedding guest. Luckily I was so busy making everything else I didn't get round to making them for my wedding but I had all the stuff.

    Flash forward to Halloween & the boys wanted to make them, I thought why not it will be fun but actually what I didn't realise was there was tips & tricks to making them (that's another blog)

    Here is my first attempt at cake pops & as you can see they are a little messy 


    Not to be beaten by cake pops I booked myself on a course to learn how to make them & thats where I learnt the tips to make the perfect cake pop. 


    As you can see a massive improvement & this is where my love for cake pops began 

    It was at this point I really started to play around & loved these little treats the creativeness that they brought too.

    Popadoodledoo was born but how do you get your products seen?

    For me I applied for my local markets starting at Newbury market first, then Thatcham market & finally Thames valley farmers markets. I absolutely loved the markets because I got to see customers reactions the smiles on their faces as they chose their cake pops, but not only that I made friends for life too! 20ED6043-BD6E-46ED-BC86-BE55B5B5AA2E

     Here I am at Newbury market in my pink gazebo

    I then applied for Yumbles & Not on the high street which I was excepted by both (it took me 4 attempts with not on the high street) I know make to order as I found that is what works best for my business & I never thought I would be as busy as I am now but thanks to an amazing business coach & amazing lady that helps organise me I've grown an amazing online business that just goes from strength to strength.



    My best seller on Not on the high street are these unicorn popsicles


    My advice is if you have a passion for something then go for it, what have you got to lose! 


  2. Cake pops are a must have and you really should not deny yourself of these delicious little treats - which is why I've come up with some reasons why you should definitely treat yourself!

    1. Cake pops are made with eggs, flour and milk so it's basically a breakfast and as you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day!


    2.Desserts with carbs and chocolate - like our delicious chocolate cake pops or popsicles can put you in a better mood, according to science.


    3.Sweet treats, including cake pops may actually reduce stress levels 


    4. When you treat yourself more often, you'll feel more energised and content. 

    5. It's someone's birthday somewhere so why not celebrate  


    6.Life isn't always a "piece of cake" but you can simplify it by eating more cake pops!
    7.Sharing food - like cake pops can make you a better person, according to science.


    8.Cake pops can turn even the most mundane experiences into a celebration!

    9Eating a little snack before bed can help you sleep - and cake is sure to give you sweet dreams.


    10.You actually CAN have your cake and eat it too!!! So go on treat yourself 



    There really is no reason not to treat yourself or others to a cake pop,  so go on treat yourself because you deserve it!!!