Challenge me Tuesday

Here is your chance to design your very own cake and watch it come to life!

So how does it work? Well it's easy simple print off one of the pages below then get those creative minds to work. Once you are happy with your design give us a little follow at popadoodledoo_ on instagram then tag us and use the hashtag challengemetueday. Then this is the fun bit, one of the designs will be picked and made. But it doesn't stop there!!! The winning design will then be sent to you, that's right you will see your creation come to life and will then get to enjoy it too!

So what are you waiting for!!!

Challenge me Tuesday designs

As you can see we have had some amazing designs already. Not only is it a great activity for children but there is nothing stopping grown ups getting involved too. 


  • Print off plain sheet
  • get designing
  • Share to our instagram page
  • use the hashtag challangemetuesday & popadoodledoo_

Then watch our stories to see what design has been brought to life